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8 Health & Fitness Blogs That Will Help You Lose Weight

Posted In: Obesity
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Obesity is one of the most critically important factors influencing an applicant’s life insurance risk class, premium rates, and overall eligibility for life insurance in the first place. During the underwriting process, an applicant’s weight and height are compared against a reference height/weight table. The more overweight an applicant is for their height, the more likely they are to be placed in a higher risk class (and penalized with correspondingly higher premiums). If the applicant is morbidly obese, they may even have their life insurance application declined. [more info on that here]

The difference between an applicant qualifying for the best risk class category (preferred) and having their life insurance application declined may be around 100 to 120 lbs., depending on the insurance provider. Within this range, risk class varies significantly with weight – at 30 lb. intervals, an applicant may be placed into successively worse risk classes until they reach an “uninsurable” weight.

Though at first glance the underwriting process may seem unfairly biased against overweight and obese applicants, there is strong statistical evidence to suggest a correlation between obesity and a variety of serious conditions that lead to a shortened lifespan, including but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Insurance underwriters assess risk based off general population statistics. Overweight persons who exhibit reasonably good health will not have their weight disregarded in the underwriting process.

In the life insurance context, an overweight or obese applicant is doubly-affected. Not only are they likely to be pushed into a higher risk class (with higher premiums) thanks to their weight/height data, but they are also likely to exhibit other negative medical conditions, such as high blood pressure. The presence of other health conditions may drive the applicant’s risk class and premiums up further. Alternatively, if the overall risk profile of the applicant is too high, the insurer may simply decide to decline the application.

Life insurance for obese individuals – and specifically, life insurance for the morbidly obese – can be difficult to secure. Even if your application is declined, you may still qualify for a high risk life insurance policy.

To qualify for the best life insurance coverage and the lowest premium rates, the soundest strategy is to maintain a healthy weight for your height. It is undeniable that maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult given the hustle and bustle of modern life. More than one-third of American adults are obese, and an even greater portion are overweight. There is no need for you to fight this battle alone. You can and should look to fitness experts, nutritionists, and those who have overcome obesity themselves, for guidance.

Below, we consider the top health and fitness blogs for tips, guides, and inspiration as you begin your journey to better health!

8 Excellent Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow

Summer Tomato

The Summer Tomato blog was created in 2009 by neuroscientist and Foodist author Darya Rose. Summer Tomato has gained a lot of traction as a go-to blog for nutrition, health, and exercise, and was even named one of the best websites of 2011 by TIME magazine. The core to the Summer Tomato philosophy is that getting to a healthy weight is more about cultivating a sustainable lifestyle as opposed to extreme dieting and exercise. As such, the blog’s content focuses on “healthstyle” – developing sustainable habits – so that the behaviors required for maintaining good health become automatic. For those who would like to listen or watch the content instead, Darya also offers podcasts and video links.


Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness was founded by Steve Kambs, a self-described “nerd” who sought to make the process of getting healthy something like a game. The focus is on having fun and enjoying the journey to good health, and the content is designed to be relatable to those who are sitting at a computer for hours at a time everyday. In that vein, Nerd Fitness throws a wide net. The site offers comprehensive exercise and diet plans, guides, and tips for visitors with quite varied goals. Whether you are a visitor interested in losing weight or gaining muscle, working out at home or setting up a gym plan, developing strength or stamina – Nerd Fitness has a breadth of inclusive content that will support your specific goals.


A Shot of Adrenaline

Focused fitness blogs can be an excellent choice if you have a particular interest in one area of fitness. Mastery itself is a great motivator for those who have a passion. A Shot of Adrenaline is a focused fitness blog created by Todd Kuslikis, otherwise known as “Bodyweight Todd”, and primarily deals with the world of calisthenics. The blog provides detailed bodyweight exercise instruction and guidance for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This is an excellent site and community for those who are interested in developing functional fitness while avoiding the gym.


Comeback Momma

Comeback Momma is a blog started by Jenn Mitchell, a lifestyle and health blogger who suffered from postpartum depression and substantial weight gain (over 50 lbs.) after the birth of her child, but who shed the pounds after developing and following a consistent diet and exercise plan. The blog discusses a wide variety of topics, from food and diet to exercise guides on how to get the most out of your workouts. Comeback Momma features a great deal of relatable, beginner-oriented content. Jenn understands the difficulty of sticking to a workout plan, and offers helpful tips for people struggling maintain consistency in their weight loss journey while balancing their work and family lives.


The Tara Stiles Blog

The Tara Stiles blog is excellent and friendly yoga blog created by the founder of Strala Yoga. Much of the content is video-based and guides beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners through routines, but there is plenty of written content discussing various lifestyle improvements such as productivity of a workspace, stress relief, and more. There are also healthy recipes on the site to be used in conjunction with developing consistent yoga practice.


The Body Coach

This site – created by British personal trainer Joe Wicks – is a rising star in the health and fitness blogosphere, not only for its content, but for the humorous, slick presentation. The Body Coach blog primarily deals with workouts, such as HIIT cardio, and recipes. In this respect, the blog goes more into depth than many others, with video cooking demonstrations by Joe (for recommended recipes), and video exercise demonstrations to help guide beginners along.



rUnladylike is a blog by Jessica D’Avanza, a long-time runner and certified marathon coach. The site is focused on running, but there is some excellent parallel content that strengthens the running focus. For example, there are meal plans designed for those who are incorporating long-distance running into their weekly routines, and there are motivational and goal-setting articles to help inspire runners to challenge themselves to go further. As Jessica is a highly-experienced runner in her own right, there is an air of legitimacy that other blogs sometimes lack.


100 Days of Real Food

An extensive healthy recipe blog by Lisa Leake, a New York Times bestselling author, this blog encourages visitors to lower their processed food intake and cook healthy recipes instead. Lisa tries to keep costs low – ingredients as low as $125 per week – and explains everything in a friendly and concise manner. 100 Days puts a great deal of focus on budget cooking, separating it from a lot of other healthy recipe blogs (where recipes sometimes utilize expensive ingredients that are not sustainable for families with lower income). Lisa also has lifestyle articles that breakdown the process of incorporating healthy eating into a busy, stressful life.

It can be very difficult to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially with a busy work and family life. Health and fitness blogs can help motivate and guide you during the transition to a healthier lifestyle. There’s plenty to be excited about: once you have settled into healthier habits, you’ll not only enjoy a higher quality-of-life, but you’ll also likely benefit from a lower risk classification and lower premiums on your life insurance.