Impaired Risk Life Insurance Knowledge Center

Testicular Cancer

Getting life insurance with testicular cancer presents a range of challenges even the most informed people struggle with. We can help you through the process.


Smokers generally have a hard time finding affordable life insurance. We’ll show you the best way to find coverage even if you smoke.

Prostate Cancer

If you have a history of prostate cancer getting life insurance coverage can be challenging. Big Lou can help you navigate the tricky life insurance application process.


Obesity and life insurance is a difficult topic to address. These articles will help you learn how to get life insurance if you’re overweight.

Mental Health

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety can make it more difficult for you to obtain life insurance. Learn what you need to know here.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol will make your life insurance more costly. We specialize in helping individual with high cholesterol save money.

High Blood Pressure

You know you have high blood pressure, and you know that’s going to impact your life insurance options. We can help.

Heart Disease

If you have a heart condition or suffer from heart disease or another cardiovascular disease Big Lou can help you with life insurance.


Divorce is stressful. Divorce also complicates life insurance. We can handle any required changes to your life insurance so you don’t have to.


Getting life insurance when you have type I or type II diabetes is challenging. We help you overcome that challenge.


If you have been diagnosed with anxiety and take medication to treat it you need an experienced life insurance agent.


ADD and ADHD can have affect your ability to secure life insurance from some carriers—especially if you take medication. Learn more about ADD and anxiety here.